Try a 90-minute workshop to explore how Conversational Intelligence® can help your team! Choose from any of the following topics so we can focus on your specific need:

Option 1: Transforming Difficult Conversations

  • Does your team avoid uncomfortable conversations, which produces tension and hinders productivity? 

  •  Would you like to have a culture where honesty and feedback are the norm, without hurting feelings or losing employees? 

Conversational Intelligence® offers practical tools for teams
to approach difficult conversations with confidence and ease!

In this interactive and engaging workshop, we will

  • Learn how to create a safe space for difficult conversations

  • Create a reproducible template for productive, honest conversations

  • Build confidence for confronting sensitive issues before they become big problems

Option 2: The Neurochemistry of Conversations

  • Do team members often hold back from sharing information or ideas freely with each other?  

  • Does the team feel more focused on tasks than relationships?   

Conversational Intelligence® provides a framework for teams to 
reinvigorate working relationships and inspire collaborative efforts.

In this workshop, we will

  • Learn how every interaction inspires or erodes trust, the foundation for all team dynamics

  • Discover how to quickly build trust and stay connected as a team

  • Create an environment for powerful collaboration

Option 3: Overcome Conversational Blind Spots

  • Does it seem like some team members don’t know how to listen to each other or struggle to empathize with what others are saying? 

  • Do emotions sometimes take over conversations so that the original point is missed?    

Conversational Intelligence® ® reveals our internal tendencies toward miscommunication, 
as well as the new behaviors we can adopt for success!

In this eye-opening workshop, we will

  • Learn how to recognize and overcome our personal blocks to constructive conversations

  • Increase empathy and understanding for other team members

  • Create a communication contract for mutual success

Nicole is incredible.

I reached out to her when I was going through a rough patch in my entrepreneurial journey and needed direction and unbiased insight. She allowed me to be authentic and vulnerable, sharing with her my fears, apprehension and leadership challenges, not just around my business but in my personal life as well. Nicole knew the right questions to ask, and she prompted me to really consider my answers. With her thoughtful guidance and her encouraging, yet practical wisdom, I was able to confidently make changes in the right direction, as well as make the tough decisions for my business and life. I owe a lot to Nicole for her tender attentiveness to my needs on that call. I am so grateful to have worked with her!"

Ashley Ayala, Founder of Sister House Collective