photo by Ben Rosett

photo by Ben Rosett

Does it feel like your team has the same conversations, over and over again,
without really getting anywhere?

 Are you wasting time and energy trying to solve problems but not seeing results?

Maybe your team is filled with incredible people, but you are avoiding the difficult conversations
that you know need to happen to move to the next level in your organization.

You wish you knew how to champion each
individual’s strengths while being united in a common goal.
You want team members to be able to speak honestly about the tough issues, disagree without being discouraged,
and still remain excited about working together. 

As a Conversational Intelligence® Coach,
I help teams who experience these struggles
to implement new rituals that improve 
the way they relate and work together.


Through our partnership, teams have created higher levels of trust, which has allowed them to have more honest conversations with each other. This openness strengthens relationships, increases employee engagement, and catalyzes innovation in the workplace.   

6 months from now, your team can feel more like a family than a job.

Together, we can spend the next 6 months:

  • Understanding the real reason your team keeps spinning its wheels without seeing progress – and then escaping this cycle and propelling forward together.

  • Celebrating individual differences and learning to use them to your advantage.

  • Discovering the best methods for effective communication and creating conversational rituals that quickly achieve team unity. 

  • Increasing productive and innovative conversations that improve employee engagement and allow you to do the work that matters.

From our first meeting, Nicole has been instrumental in getting our team to think deeply about our communication and growth as individuals and within our organization. Throughout our sessions, her fun, honest and spirited coaching helped us to develop trust in each other and made it very comfortable for us to have open and honest conversations about our vision for the team’s future and assisted us in discovering new ways to think about being effective communicators. We are so grateful for her support and have been able to successfully implement new rituals and practices, which we’ve seen contribute to a difference in how we relate to each other and work together.


Here’s what our team coaching will look like:

 Months 1-3

  • Six (6) 90-minute bi-weekly team meetings 

  • Clear action steps for practice between sessions

  • Unlimited personal coaching access for team members via Slack

Month 4

  • Full day team retreat to measure and celebrate progress, co-create vision for the future, and deepen team connections

  • Unlimited personal coaching access for team members via Slack

  • Bonus 45-minute 1:1 coaching calls for team members

Months 5-6

  • 3-hour monthly sessions (2 in 2 months)

  • Unlimited personal coaching access for team members via Slack

  • Personalized team reports

  • Bonus 45-minute 1:1 coaching calls for team members

Everything my Signature Team Coaching experience includes:

“I am so glad we took time to be with Nicole. It was tremendously helpful in resetting our team, and now, things are moving and shaking again [in the organization]. Nicole managed to let us organically cover things as they came up, but still attend to our two primary goals that day. Excellent! The wrap up she asked us to do after the hardest part of the discussion was genius. I’m going to use this in my own work!”
Anna Martin, Director of Client Engagement  Picture Impact

Anna Martin, Director of Client Engagement
Picture Impact

I offer reduced rates for non-profit, government, and educational organizations. 

I donate 20% of my profits to one of my #40for40 charities.