How can I help you get more?


I help leaders

  • reclaim their confidence and clarity around their missions.

  • give themselves permission to take care of themselves.

  • see their blind spots and learn skills to strengthen their leadership.

  • embrace and accept their imperfections and learn to lead from this place.

  • restore balance to their lives.

  • waste less time, be more present, and focus on things that truly matter.

Together, we create a more authentic, focused, and better business (and self).

My clients have learned to integrate their personal and professional responsibilities so that they feel wholly connected to every part of their lives. 

I believe leaders receive the most value from 1:1 support over a minimum 6 month partnership.

In that time, you receive

  • unlimited email, phone, and text messaging access to me

  • regular remote coaching via phone or video calls

  • detailed notes and action steps after each call (one of my clients' favorite components)

  • a roadmap to chart the progress of our work together

  • opportunities to utilize me for the benefit of your team – to lead trainings, meetings, or other ideas we imagine together

  • additional encouragement, resources, and support as needed


I help take individual talents to the next level through team leadership. Using the tools of Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ), I help teams create higher levels of trust, activate higher levels of engagement, strengthen partnerships, and catalyze co-creation and innovation in relationships, teams, and cultures. 

Through a ½ day or multiple series workshops, teams Explore

  • The 5 characteristics of healthy teams

  • The 3 Levels of Conversations – and which are most effective

  • How to architect conversations that create thriving teams (and organizations)

  • Conversational Essentials and Rituals to shape environments for deeper connection, collaboration, and innovation

For deeper learning and ongoing support, teams may add a retainer to provide 1:1 personalized coaching for individual members after group workshops.