How can I help you get more?


I help leaders

  • reclaim your confidence and clarity around your mission.

  • give yourself permission to take care of yourself.

  • see your blind spots and learn skills to strengthen your leadership.

  • embrace and accept your imperfections and learn to lead from this place.

  • restore balance to your life.

  • waste less time, be more present, and focus on things that truly matter.

Together, we create a more authentic, focused,
and better business (and self).

My clients have learned to integrate their personal and professional responsibilities so that they feel wholly connected to every part of their lives. 


"I cannot begin to find words to express the impact Nicole has had in my life. She absolutely has "super powers". I always leave our conversations feeling in awe of all that bubbled to the surface. She helps bring clarity to situations that can sometimes feel unsettling, confusing, or painful. She has walked through some of my darkest times helping me find MY TRUTH, forcing me to own what is mine and encouraging me to reach for what I am capable of. Hands down, when I need coaching, Nicole is my first choice. She has a gift for strategic planning, pinpointing sources of stress and anxiety, and developing solutions. Being in leadership can be a lonely space to exist in. In order to lead authentically, we need our 'person' with whom can be 100% transparent, and Nicole is. I promise you, even one 90-minute session with Nicole will leave you wondering how you made it this far without a coach." KIMBERLY RHYNDERS


I help take individual talents to the next level through team leadership. Using the tools of Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ), I help teams create higher levels of trust, activate higher levels of engagement, strengthen partnerships, and catalyze co-creation and innovation in relationships, teams, and cultures. 

Through my signature 6-month team coaching partnership, teams learn:

  • The 5 characteristics of healthy teams

  • The 3 Levels of Conversations – and which are most effective

  • How to architect conversations that create thriving teams (and organizations)

  • Conversational Essentials and Rituals to shape environments for deeper connection, collaboration, and innovation

Not ready to commit to 6 months together? Click here to find out about C-IQ workshops (workshop fee can be applied to a 6-month contract).

“I have seen leaders crumble under the pressure and leaders who have risen above it. After meeting Nicole, I am convinced that what separates the two has everything to do with the voice that is guiding you in your discovering process of leading.

Having clear boundaries with yourself as a business owner as well as relationships with members of your team can be very tricky to establish on your own. Nicole has a wonderful way of putting things into context and as an outside observer can provide perspective in the way that you operate your business without taking away your voice.

She never decides for you, she suggests and helps you discover things for yourself. She is an incredibly patient coach who takes the time to really understand you, your team, and your business. I know that Urban Women Magazine and myself have greatly benefit from her coaching, which makes it easy to recommend her with full confidence. She is the real deal.”