I invite you to spend 90 minutes sharing your biggest challenges with me, absolutely free.
What could we imagine together? 

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I equip mission-driven leaders with intuitive structures and strategies so that they are empowered to expand their impact. I believe that no leader should feel alone, and that fear can be harnessed to drive, rather than deflect, inspiration. I believe the combination of courage and compassion, of creativity and ambition, can change the world. I believe we need to be able to laugh at ourselves.

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I know what it's like to feel like no one "gets" you. 
I've wondered "who am I to even try this?"
I've been afraid that I was too undisciplined, too out-of-the-box, and dreaming too big. 
I've felt held back by the people and systems around me. 

no one needs a coach.

Coaching is a co-creative commitment to hide nothing and hold nothing back as we explore our deepest fears and launch our biggest dreams. We both must have the curiosity, compassion, and courage to show up as we truly are and dare to become who we are meant to be.