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On Tuesday November 28, I'm giving 20% of my profits to Dressember to help end human trafficking. In order to give generously, I'm inviting you to join me next January on a 30 day journey of intention to ease you into a new year of feeling calm, confident, and in control.

Count Me In!

You're an ambitious dreamer out to change the world.

You see a need, and you act to meet it. You don’t believe in “impossible”. You’ve survived your fair share of injustice, mistreatment, disappointments, and defeat so you are passionate about empowering others to become successful survivors as well.  

But you have been sacrificing yourself to give so much to everyone else.

You’ve got all the inspirational quotes and life-change books, but you don’t have time to implement their wisdom. You feel guilty spending time (or energy or money) on yourself because there are just so many people you could be helping. It feels selfish to take a break because there are so many people counting on you.

I know what it feels like to wear many hats and be responsible in too many places. I know how difficult it is to sift through the noise of others’ expectations and find the confidence to stand in your own truth. And I also know what it looks like to crash into depression and overwhelm when life spins out of control.

My friends, YOU HAVE A CHOICE.

You can choose to keep running at this pace and hope that you aren’t a casualty in your chaos. OR you can decide to slow down, reconnect with yourself, and create space for freedom, rest, and balance in your personal and professional life. I hope you'll choose the latter.

You're invited to find EASE and INTENTION.  

After the end-of-year rush dies down, I'm going on a 30-day virtual retreat for my soul. From January 8 - February 6, 2018, I'll be cultivating joy, finding inspiration, and moving with ease through my days. I'll be grounding myself in truth, making room for beauty, and launching myself into a successful year from a place of peace.

Will you join me? 

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PLUS! If you join the journey by
Noon (EST) on November 28,
you'll also get two special bonuses!


(oh, please choose the bonuses! They will set you up for success - and I really really want to see you succeed!)

How It Will Work

The goal of our 30 day virtual retreat is to create a more authentic, focused, and better business (and self). We want to integrate our personal and professional commitments so that we feel wholly connected to every part of our lives.

We'll uncover the joy of doing what feels good.
We'll develop a confidence to reject distractions, inspire discipline, and empower our missions. 

We'll do all this - and more - with patience and grace.

DAILY MEDITATIONS will begin with only 60 seconds of focus on Day 1. We'll lengthen our practice a tiny bit each day so that, by February 6, we've created a daily meditation habit that's less than 10 minutes.

JOURNAL PROMPTS and ACTIONS will also start small. Our goal is not to DO more but to BE more - more at ease, more unhurried, more present.

WEEKLY CHATS will be limited to 10 people per call so that we are seen and known in those times.    

and of course I'll offer plenty of encouragement, support, and a few surprises along the way! 

I'm looking forward to fighting human trafficking while easing into 2018.

And I'm not putting a limit on how much I will give! If even 20 people decide to take this 30 Day journey with me, I'll give $300 to Dressember. But 50 people will allow me to give $750 and 100 people will raise $1500. I am BEYOND EXCITED to see how much we can give, together.


Will you join me?

I know what it’s like to feel like no one “gets you” or that you have to do it alone.

I’ve felt held back by the people and systems around me.

And I also know the freedom and power of achieving my great purpose in life.

Which is why I am committed to making sure the dreamers, the innovators, and the world-changers celebrate their unique talents, embrace their messy imperfections, and find the support they need to live out their highest ambitions. 

Count Me In!
Count Me In!