Searching For My WHY

The first year of my business was focused on experimenting. And while I will always be adapting and changing as I grow into my business, I know that I need my second year to have more focus.

If I am the most “me” when I’m coaching, then what are the most important parts of me that need to be the foundation of my business? 

So I'm taking some big steps to get clear on what exactly I do and who I most want to serve.

  1. I’ve invested in a business coach to hold me accountable to clarifying my vision and to help me create business growth strategies that align with me.
  2. I’m taking some time to DREAM BIG about where I really want to grow into.
  3. I’m exploring my brand (what does that even mean?!?) with a trusted biz bestie (and brand expert) as well as sharing with other creative entrepreneurs in my community.

And I’m inviting you into my process! This may get a little messy, but I know that sharing my mess helps me stay committed to seeing it through. Are you willing to join me?  

My First Dream Board

Last week, my coach asked me to create a dream board that identified what my business would look like if I didn’t have any limitations, fears, or financial constraints. I’ve never created a “dream board”, and I still have a lot of questions that I’m praying about, but here’s a snapshot of what I doodled -


Honestly, I was really surprised by a lot of what I wrote!

I think that I’m always going to struggle with "my why" a little bit because, for me, ever since I gave my life to Christ, I really haven’t done anything without God telling me to do it. That may sound a bit crazy - even to other Christians - but part of surrendering my life to God, I felt, was Jesus saying to me, “Are you willing to follow the dream that I have for your life?” For the past 18 years, that’s what I’ve been doing – waiting for God to tell me, moment by moment, day by day, year by year, where to go – and I just head in that direction. (it's worked out REALLY well, btw)

That’s how I started this coaching business…I was praying about our situation, and I felt God telling me that this was what I was supposed to do. So I’m here because of that, not because I had some dream that this was what I wanted to do. I never imagined myself here.

So when I was journaling, I really just started asking the question, "Why do the things that matter to me -- why do they matter to God?" I’m on this journey because these ideas come from God’s heart, rather than mine. So I started asking, “what does God care about?” It's a HUGE question! But the simple version is - 

When I look at the way that God made me, how do I reflect the heart of God? What is God’s stamp on me that says, “This is what God cares about, in the way that he’s going to show it through me, Nicole”?

And I saw, on this poorly drawn journal page, that I clearly care most about RECONCILIATION and JUSTICE

A Representative and Mediator

Here’s the thing: I firmly believe that God has given me the task of telling everyone what he’s doing in the world. Because of him, I don’t evaluate people by what they have or how they look or any other human perspective. I see them as GOD sees them.

I’m a representative (not the real deal, but still, a rep) for Jesus. He uses me to persuade people to drop their differences and enter in to God’s work of making things right between them. He offers everyone a chance to be included in his version of LIFE, a far better life (in my opinion) than anything we try to create on our own.

And that’s really what I’m committed to. I feel like, as a coach, I am motivated by helping people live God’s version (the BEST version) of their lives, one that is full and varied and complicated and collaborative and harmonious and GOOD.   

So that’s why I care about reconciliation. That’s why I care about bringing different voices to the same table, about helping people learn how to HAVE a voice, and to retain power in their individual voices, while also being able to give power to people who are different from themselves.

I have no idea what that’s going to look like, but it’s something that I am passionate about.

I am passionate about combating injustice. The way that I’m addressing that right now, as a coach, is by coaching people who are specifically addressing injustices. So I’m working with non-profits, artists, social enterprises, people who have really big dreams and a compassionate piece in that about changing the world. 

And I am passionate about that because I think that that’s God’s work. Even if it’s not done in his name, God is a God who cares about the forgotten and the lonely, he cares about those who are mistreated and marginalized, he cares about the foreigners and the orphans and the slaves. He cares about those people, and I want to be part of caring for them, too.

I'm Still Learning

I don’t know where God wants this business to go. But I do know that I need help with being able to articulate in a clear and direct way how I am connected to the work that I am doing and why it is important to me. I need people to reflect back to me and ask me more questions to help me get there.

will you help me?

  • If you've had a conversation with me, what were the important parts of myself that I brought to the table? 
  • If you read this post, what questions came up? What do you want to know more about? 
  • If you are working in the areas of reconciliation and justice-making, will you chat with me?

Please leave me a comment below or let's get on the phone