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"I am so glad we took time to be with Nicole. It was tremendously helpful in resetting our team, and now, things are moving and shaking again [in the organization]. Nicole managed to let us organically cover things as they came up, but still attend to our two primary goals that day. Excellent! The wrap up she asked us to do after the hardest part of the discussion was genius. I’m going to use this in my own work!"

Anna Martin
Director of Client Engagement
Picture Impact


"I cannot begin to find words to express the impact Nicole has had in my life. She absolutely has "super powers". I always leave our conversations feeling in awe of all that bubbled to the surface. She helps bring clarity to situations that can sometimes feel unsettling, confusing, or painful. She has walked through some of my darkest times helping me find MY TRUTH, forcing me to own what is mine and encouraging me to reach for what I am capable of. Hands down, when I need coaching, Nicole is my first choice. She has a gift for strategic planning, pinpointing sources of stress and anxiety, and developing solutions. Being in leadership can be a lonely space to exist in. In order to lead authentically, we need our 'person' with whom can be 100% transparent, and Nicole is. I promise you, even one 90-minute session with Nicole will leave you wondering how you made it this far without a coach."

Kimberly Rhynders
Executive Director


"I am so thankful for my work with Nicole. What a delight! She has such a great presence and is so easy to trust. It feels incredible to have the support, intelligence, and heart wisdom Nicole gives. She holds space for me to come undone and be vulnerable. She’s truly been the “doula of my dream."

Dawn Breeze
Artist and
Founder of InStar Lodge

Dawn shared more about the impact of my work on her in an article she wrote for Thrive Global.

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